By 1990 a couple of Kalasha schools had been established. Elsa invited New Zealand artist Ken Hall to illustrate picturable words for an alphabet, in a culturally sensitive style. They wanted the Kalasha people to see their own culture reflected in the book, and to feel dignity and respect for who they are as a people. Ken lived there for several months in 1991 and 1992, and meticulously researched and illustrated each word.

In 1994, a Persian-script edition of the first illustrated Kalasha alphabet book, and a pre-reader book also designed and illustrated especially for Kalasha culture, were both published. Greg and Elsa had to return to Australia for health reasons, so the books were never properly launched, and remained stored in the Kalasha school cupboards for the next 6 years. So did the teachers' manuals, which Elsa developed and produced at the teachers' request in 1996.